What We Do

You may not have heard of G2G before. That’s understandable – we’ve been building the new digital world behind the scenes. But now it’s time to pull back the curtain.

G2G is the power behind the next generation of social media and augmented reality experiences. We combine the power of people, places and passions to make the digital world more personal, affirming and exciting.

At the intersections of Reddit & Pokemon Go, Facebook & Fortnite, FourSquare and Yelp, our current project promises to deliver what Wired calls “the next big everything.”

Imagine turning social media into a game you win by engaging with the relevant people, places and interest in your life. And imagine if it could be done in a way that doesn’t invade your privacy or sell your psychological profile to the highest bidder. That’s where we are taking online experiences.

This is our invitation to you: The potential here is vast. We are further down this path than anyone else. Join us for the next big everything.

We don’t want to give too much away until the time is right, but to learn more about our current project and how you can help it launch, please contact us.

Trillion Mobile Internet Value by 2025
Billion Projected Augmented Reality Market in 2020
Market Leader Bump

Why It’s Important

We took the fun and excitement of games and the personal relevance of social networks and brought them together into one digital experience.

Digital Evolution

The Wall Street Journal wrote this about the next step in digital evolution “…when this phenomenon will get really interesting is the point at which Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or an other upstart figures out how to capitalize on our connected-in-real-life, location based, augmented reality future in a way that is bigger than a game.”

The Next Big Everything

John Riccitiello, CEO of Unity, made the same case when he said “basically, you’ll have an augmented world, and it’s going to be as big a deal as the internet. It turns out that a game engine is just what we need for everything else. There’s a genuine belief that you can’t lose with a dominant position in gaming. But you can win huge.”

Trust & Timing

The timing could not be more important. When we look at the repeated breaches of trust by our current social networks – selling our information for questionable reasons, social envy, division, not to mention the rampant ad fraud and overstated marketing performance the platforms offer businesses – it is clear that businesses and users alike are ready for their digital experiences to be enjoyable and useful.

Join us

The market is primed for something new – a hybrid of social networks and games, of relevant experiences and passions.

We have built it.

Meet the Team


Lee T. Guzofski

Chief Executive Officer

10+ years as Global & Group Head at Morgan Stanley and Deutsche Bank
Background in Strategy, Investment Banking and managing large global technology projects & teams.
2.5 years in Tokyo, Japan as Executive Committee member – Head of Business Development (Strategy, E-Commerce, Marketing & Product Development) for Morgan Stanley retail start-up.

Renfield Kuroda

Chief Technical Officer

Head of Enterprise Software Engineering, Amazon Japan
Leading mobile expert in Tokyo, Japan
Experienced engineer, built first / only wireless institutional equity research portal in the world
Holds wireless authentication patent
15+ years in financial services technology at Morgan Stanley and Deutsche Bank.

Mark Pover

Chief Financial Officer / Acting COO

Serial entrepreneur – Start-up, Growth & Turnaround expert
6 year CFO for Turbine gaming company
20+ years financial and management expertise in software and entertainment industries (including retail distribution)
Founder & CFO of 3D prototype and virtual reality software development company.

What They Say About Us

Don’t just take our word for it that we will change the world. See what some of the most significant names in the industry have to say about us.

Reuben Steiger
Managing Director at IPG Emerging Media Lab & Founder / Chairman of Virtual Greats; former Evangelist for Linden Labs.

“It is my belief that G2G’s vision represents a large leap forward for the virtual world industry. In combining browser-based 3D visualization technology with state of the art game mechanics and focusing on geographies like New York, with deep and storied histories, the company has the opportunity to be a blockbuster.”

Michael Kurdziel
Director, Venture Group at Treacy & Co

“In the process of launching this business, [G2G is] going to slowly reinvent the world as we know it… The concept is one of the most compelling and innovative ideas I have seen in all my years in the gaming / virtual world space (even while running Corporate Development for Activision). Lee and his team have really pushed the boundaries of social gaming and virtual transactions.”

Lindsay Gupton
CEO, Pipeworks Studio

“What G2G represents is a new kind of game for the new kind of game player – real people. It is based in a real city, with real people, real places and real things to do. It is directly relevant to their daily lives, yet provides a well-needed escape… I would bet my career on this.”

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